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We welcome applications from designers, makers and artists working in ceramics, jewellery, glass, basket-making, silver and metal smithing, book-making, paper, stationary, wood, plastics, mixed media, furniture, fashion textiles and accessories, fashion design, shoe design, millinery, interior textiles and home-wares, product design, print making, painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, greeting card makers, hand-made candles, soaps and toiletries.

We welcome applications from new and established makers.  

Interested in demonstrating your craft?  

We are also interested to hear from makers who would like to demonstrate their craft as well as sell.   

Applications must be from the designer-maker and work must not be mass produced. We do not accept imported goods, not made by yourself



If you would like to register your interest for our shows in 2021 please email, stating your craft discipline to:  

In your email to us please provide the following information:

  • Personal details: name and contact details (phone number and email address).
  • Trader name/organisation.
  • Description of your work.
  • Images of sample products including retail price.
  • Please provide a web link to your website, if applicable.  
  • Please provide a web link to your Instagram account, if applicable.
  • Insurance company name (Public and Product Liability Insurance is required. Please provide your policy details and the amount you are covered for). 

In your letter of interest please also list any interesting facts about you or your work, which may make a press story eg. change of career or unusual background or route into your craft.  We are particularly keen to hear from applicants who have stylish/quirky homes or studios or who have interesting collections of craft etc.  Think about what you like to read about and if you think you have a story that would be of interest to others, tell us.



DESCRIPTION: You will need to write a max of 50 words to describe you and your work to be written in the third person ie. Sophie is a ceramicist and works from her studio in London.  You could include details of materials, techniques, inspiration, your background, where you work from, any importants awards or commissions . This will be published on the website so needs to be grammatically correct. People who engage with your story are more likely to buy from you.

PERSONAL DETAILS: Please state here the details you wish to be published on the website. Please think carefully about the following questions regarding your website profile: 

Personal name or business name?  

Best email address for customers? 

Please note we no longer publish your address or mobile/landline. 

You will need to upload four images attached to your email. Each image must be a maximum of 3MB. Should your images be larger than 3MB they will NOT upload. Image one should be square  (1000pixels x 1000pixels.) Digital images should be saved as a jpeg with the suffix (.jpeg). 

Images should be of the work you intend to exhibit and be no more than 3 years old. 

All images MUST be cleared for non-exclusive copyright so we can use them for publicity and promotion.  



LABELLING YOUR IMAGES: it is very important you label you images as follows, otherwise we may not be able to use your images for press and publicity.

Your images will be published on your website entry. It may also be used for press. 

For your image to be more likely used by journalists it is useful to have an image of work on a plain background so it can be “cut out”. Lifestyle shots can also work well.

This image must be  square and 300 dpi and jpeg. Please label this image on your upload as YOURNAMEIM1.JPEG (You will need to save the image as this before uploading it).


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